Week 01

Week 01

Well we are finally at home …


After a mixup with the requested circumcision we were only able to get home after 20:00 on Wednesday.

The first night was more about making sure we had everything we needed for that night than any settling down. If you find yourself going home with a new baby try and make sure you get home with enough time to get your life organised.

After getting him down that night it was wonderful to finally having my whole family home …

“My whole family”… how wierd is that … 🙂


That night was a bit strange …waking at ANY sound he made … strangely uplifting. I am now a father, protector and teacher of this new life, MY SON !!

I have been waking around on air for the passed few days.


I was lucky enough to be able to take the week off to spend with my new son and wife, hardly seems fair that the mother gets months off work to foster a relationship with the new child, guess they do most of the work anyway.


Jarrad has taken quiet well to the breast. (He has already started stealing my toys.) We struggled at first, not sure what the best way was to get him to “latch” onto the nipple. The nurses try their best to give a hand but we finally got a professional lady, Brenda Pierce, in to show us the correct method on HOW TO … I will recommend her to any new mother planning to breast feed. He feeds every 2 hours during the day and every 3 to 4 at night.


Silvia has been the best with the night duties and leaves me to sleep …

My nipples just don’t cut it unfortuately 😉

A few nights he has woken her only once but most nights it is twice depending on what time the last feed was. We are working on the “demand feed” routine at the moment – we feed when he demands. They are still to young to try and get them into an established routing yet. Once he puts on a fair amount of weight we will try and start a feeding/sleeping/changing routine.


I can’t understand how some fathers won’t change nappies. Agreed they are currently less smelly and discusting than they will become once he moves onto solids. It is a time where I have learnt more about his developing body any at any other. You come to realise how dependant they are on you and the great responsiblity you have been bestowed.

He is current living in baby grows – they are the easiest things to get him in and out of with minimal fuss. Nappie changes become less traumatic for both you and baby.


He HATES being undressed – think it is the cold he doesn’t like.

Bath time starts off fine but when you need to get him full undressed and soaped up .. thats when the roof comes down. We try and do it quickly so as to get him rinced with the warm water as quickly as possible then dried off.


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