Month 04.5

Can you believe it … two posts in one month ! Especially after such a long previous break …

I was checking the site stats and it seems people still have an interest in visiting this site to find out about Jarrad.

What I have been working on is a way to let you send messages to Jarrad via this web site …


Well it is now official you can send messages to Jarrad. So come on send a message and say Hello to my growing son …


Post a message HERE or see what other have to say to my son !!


As I am sure most of you are aware by now Silvia has gone back to work and Jarrad has been visiting granny during the day. It has been working quiet well with Silvia dropping off and picking up everyday. Granny is loving every second and spoiling him rotten. I am sure Silvia is not enjoying it as much.


On Wednesday he goes for the next set of injections, so keep checking back here to see how they went.


Sorry I haven’t gotten around to uploading any futher pictures but it will come – I promise .


About gregrickson

I am currently a self employed 32 year old with a wonderful wife an 11th month old child,Jarrad. Always looking to expand my I.T. skill set. View all posts by gregrickson

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