Month 04

Well due to popular demand here is the next installment of “Jarrad on the net”.Feet

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas too everyone I hope the New Year brings you the joy and happiness you deserve from the Rickson family.

Sorry for not updating up recently but there seems to be a problem with my FireFox and Google Page Editor, Internet Explorer seems to be fine.
Well let me get back to what you really want … How is Jarrad …?
He has doubled in size, almost 7 kg’s now and in 6 days will be 4 months old.
His first Christmas was great, but as you could expect from a 4 month old child it went straight over his head. Mom and dad had fun opening his gifts though … 🙂 He got some really nice gifts, lots of noisy toys from friends and family to drive us mad.
Everyday he learning a new noise – from yelping to a high pitched scream … all just to get more attention. He has found his feet and is often found holding on them with his hands.
We are trying to teach him to roll over from his tummy but that might be a bit advanced yet. He is however starting to get a bit more mobile. Leave him unattended too long and he will “wiggle” away.
His hair all started falling out a few weeks ago and looked awful – all patchy, but not too worry it has started all growing back now and we can take him out in public again… 🙂
Mommy has to go back to work next week and Jarrad will stay with granny for a few months until “alternate” arrangements can be made.
Silvia’s bother got news that his wife is pregnant a few days ago. Congats Paulo and Rianna. Now Jarrad should have a cousin his age in a few months.


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I am currently a self employed 32 year old with a wonderful wife an 11th month old child,Jarrad. Always looking to expand my I.T. skill set. View all posts by gregrickson

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