Month 01

It has been just over a month since my life was irreversibly changed with the arrival of my son.

What can I say …. I now know the meaning of love. A wise person told me once you only discover the meaning of love when you have your own child … what you have for your wife is …. lust !!


He seems to have gotten use to his nightly bath. At about 20:00 we take him up after a feed and give him a bath. Most of the time we get through it without any complains from the Mr.

We tried once to bath him before a feed, he let us know this was not on. When he is hungery, he wants a feed there and then.


But on the whole it has been easier than I had expected. Although from what I hear from the other new parents we have a very good boy. Some of the stories I have heard I am thankfull that he is happy and content. Let’s hope it stays that way… 😉


Everyone has been asking if we are getting any sleep .. and to tell the truth Yes I have … He has had a few nights / mornings not wanting to sleep anymore but generally it has been more than managable.


About gregrickson

I am currently a self employed 32 year old with a wonderful wife an 11th month old child,Jarrad. Always looking to expand my I.T. skill set. View all posts by gregrickson

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