Hello JarradIt was Sunday, 05:00 in the morning and as I stirred from a fitful nights rest I wondering what the time was .. along with why Silvia was up at this ungodly hour of the morning …

She was complain about stomach cramps … IS THIS IT ….?? I ask quietly to myself . Not want to panic her I reassure her it was just a runny tummy and to relax…

In a way only an expecting mother can she dismissed that idea and told me the cramps are happening at regular intervals !!!


Calm done … deep breath … contractions are about 10 to 15 mins apart still lots of time… I think..

Got her into a bath and relax … has a shower myself and started getting all the bits and pieces together that we will need to take to the hospital. Baby bag ..check ..Mommy bag ..check … Mommy ..check.

Off to Olivedale clinic it is … at about 08:30am …. Into a labor room at maternity. Strap on the monitors and console mommy that it isn’t really that painful… when the machine is clearly showing a HUGE contraction … Baby’s heart beat is low and steady, around 120b/p, he is fast asleep … too early in the morning for all this.

By 11:30 mommy had only dilated to 3cm …and baby had yet to engage, but at least her waters had broken.

Time to make “alternative” arrangements. We all agreed that it was to be a caeser at 13:00. After that it is quiet a blur .. it happens so quickly.

Before we knew it the anesthetist was there giving us a run down on the spinal block. We completed the necessary forms and documents. They transfered her to a waiting bed for transport to theater. By this time we are both positively excited and scared out of our wits at the same time…. off we go !!

I get changed into “scrubs” and meet up with mommy in the theater where our doctor has just arrived.

Spinal bloke is administered and no more legs for mommy. I comfort her as now she is REALLY nervous. She tells me later it was like a warm feeling on her back “…like someone peeing on your back ..” (She still has to tell me how she knows what that feels like!!)

Then over some general small talk the doc’s started cutting away. Once they got started it was over in a few minuets.

While reassuring mommy that all was perfectly fine, camera in one hand Silvia’s in the other I tried to capture a few pictures of the birth.

Out came the forceps, and then his head. Dr Hawke got hold of the head and pulled – thought I might punch her – he was being roughly pulled from the hole they had made in mom’s stomach – neck stretching more than I would have expected safe.

WAAAAAAAAA…. yelled as Jarrad entered this bright, COLD world he was now a full member of our family.

|He was purple – which I am told is normal for a caeser birth.

Suction was applied to clear his airways, which only allowed him to scream even louder. By now weak in the knees and floating on a cloud I moved over to the table, tripping over a few tubes lying on the floor, where the pediatrician was “inspecting” him and doing a little more suction.

From there Jarrad was placed into an incubator to keep him warm. Myself the sister and Jarrad were whisked off to the maternity ward while they finished sowing mom back up.

Back in the nursery the nurses there re-did the Agpar test and put him straight into the incubator. AGPAR scores were 8/1min, 9/5min and 10/10mins.


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I am currently a self employed 32 year old with a wonderful wife an 11th month old child,Jarrad. Always looking to expand my I.T. skill set. View all posts by gregrickson

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